Todd Reddeman - Owner “The initial idea for our coffee bar service began back in 1997, while I was working for a local coffee roaster. I knew about coffee kiosks and espresso carts like they have in Seattle and other cities, but wanted to see if I could design something that could literally go anywhere. A large, coffee cart could not go into someone’s house or work place. My goal was to make something that was attractive, compact, and could do just that; go anywhere.

My experience at the coffee roaster gave me great insight into what type of equipment I would need, and I also had an undeveloped concept of some sort of a compact, mobile bar set up in the back of my mind. I sat down and made some drawings, and pretty soon I had some direction. I picked out what equipment would work best, and designed our bar set up around that. I came up with a four piece set up that is simple in design and function, is light weight and extremely durable. It can be placed on any flat surface, and I don’t have to worry about any damage being done as a result of our work or machinery. See below for more info on the bar.

Once I built a prototype bar (yes, it was in my garage) I purchased equipment and started to literally play store. I knew how to make espresso and work commercial machines, but really didn’t know how well it would all work together as a service. With my wife, Pam’s help, we then came up with a menu of items that we would serve with our service. I chose to focus on chocolate and flavored lattes due their popularity on the local coffeehouse scene. At some point we went seasonal and served drinks like pumpkin spice for fall, or gingerbread for the holidays.

Originally, the business was called “Lotta Lattes Mobile Espresso” but people for some reason had problems with pronunciation. They would call it “Lotsa Lattes” and things like that. I had a signature drink on the menu called “Mocha My Day” and I always got a good reaction from that so we changed the name in 1999. I dropped the “Mobile Espresso” from that in 2007. Now we are just “Mocha My Day.”

THE BAR - The front bar provides an attractive front display and holds the espresso machine. There are two wings which hold the flavor bottles, and also provide storage. The base has a cut out for wires and/or drainage hose. It is very compact and easily fits on a six foot table or smaller. You can exchange machine sizes with ease as well. For larger events, we use a Brugnetti. We actually have two. For smaller events we use an Andreja Premium, which is perfect for smaller events. We use a Brugnetti for larger events. There are no special electrical or water requirements. It really is amazing how we can use this set up over and over, from corporate to home-based events.

Today, we are blessed with a wide range of clientele, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to movie and television production companies. We have met a lot of celebrities over the last few years. We have done events with thousands of people attending down to less than 10 people. Quite honestly, I prefer the smaller events because it allows us to interact more with the guests. These smaller events are excellent opportunities to find out what people really think, and also to get to know them better. We also are trying to use social media to reach out better to our clients. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter are excellent venues we use to reach out and let people know what we are up to.

We really enjoy doing what we do. We emphasize exceptional customer service and consistancy with drinks. Presentation and taste are extremely important as well. When someone receives one of our drinks, we expect to get an over the top reaction. We usually do!! Please check back to see if I have updated this again. Go ahead, Mocha My Day! Updated 08/10/11

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